Does the Military Diet Actually Work?

Want to try the Military Diet Plan? But, does the military diet work? Being the most effective diet plan that helps people in losing weight quickly that too in the short term, everyone’s willing to do it. Still, some people may doubt whether the military diet works or not.  

Just like the way people can shed more weight in the short term, this diet plan can be followed only for a short period. It is extremely tough and unsafe to sustain following the military diet in the long term. One thing everyone falls for in the military diet is the extreme weight loss in a week. However, there is a slew of questions surrounding the effectiveness of the military diet plan. 

Here’s a quick rundown of ‘How Does The Military Diet Work’. Take a look!

How Does The Military Diet Work?

Does 3-Day Military Diet Work? The Military Diet is a calorie restriction diet that lets you eat just a single slice of bread along with a cup of tuna and a vanilla ice cream. Though your tummy asks for more, you have to suppress your appetite and restrict your calorie intake. This is what is the military diet. Let’s get to know how this diet plan goes on in a week.

The Military Diet is a two-stage weight loss program that involves a 3-day on and 4-day off period. For the first three days, you must restrict your calories to a specific number as mentioned in the military diet plan. The remaining four days are considered the ‘Off’ period. Still, even during these days, you’re restricted to intake of more food like on your routine days.

Stage 1: 3-Day Diet Plan

During the first three days of the week, you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each meal has restricted calories. The total calorie intake on Day 1 of the military diet plan is 1400. On Day 2, the calorie intake drops even more to 1200 calories and on Day 3, you’re allowed to intake only 1100 calories. Every single piece of break is counted for the three days. This is the 3-Day Military Diet Plan. Looks so simple, right?

Stage 2: 4-Day Off Period

Looking at the ‘Off’ period, you may think, you can take a leave from your military diet. Don’t get too excited. Even during the four days of leave, you’re allowed to take slightly more food compared to the diet period. During these days, you can take up to 1600 calories. Within this calorie limitation, you can eat any that is ‘HEALTHY’.

This diet must be repeated every week until you accomplish your dream of reaching an ideal weight.

During the 3-day military diet plan, you must eat only specific foods as mentioned in the prescribed list. However, it’s slightly generous towards you by letting you add substitutions to your aversion foods. One thing is that you need to match calories accurately for replacement. 

Does the Military Diet Actually Work?

Now, let’s get to the actual point. The answer is a straight ‘Yes‘. The Military Diet helps in losing more weight in the short term. The reason is quite simple. When you consume more calories in a day but fail to burn those will make you gain weight in the down lane. In case, if you eat fewer calories and burn more then, you will obviously lose weight. This is how the military diet works. 

However, the number of pounds shed will be different from one person to another person. If you are an overweight person and followed the diet for a week then, the first thing you will lose is your body’s water weight. Later, if you continue to follow the military diet for a few more weeks, your body fat will start to lose.

The Military Diet is one of the crash diets that give effective results to the followers. One best things about this diet is that the list of foods mentioned in the diet plan is available at any grocery store. Most food items are those that we use in our daily life. You need not run across different stores miles away from your residence to get the military diet foods. 

Once you achieve your goal of reaching an ideal weight through the military diet, you can get back to your regular dietary lifestyle. Don’t worry about gaining weight after stopping the military diet. You can continue to manage your weight by eating healthy foods. The most important thing that one must be mindful of is to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after quitting the military diet. 

Try to make healthy food options with lots of vegetables, fiber fruits, protein foods, etc., so that you can maintain your weight. There’s nothing wrong with following the military diet for a month whenever you have some emergency. 

The Bottom Line

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about ‘Does the Military Diet Work’. Hope you have got an answer to your doubt about the effectiveness of the military diet. Ultimately, what we suggest is to follow a healthy diet that includes high fiber content, fruits, vegetables, and a lot more. Just cut down processed foods, junk food, and beverages strictly for a year and follow a healthy diet. You will definitely end up achieving your dream though it’s time-taking. Do you still have any queries? If so, let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to our website for more articles related to the benefits of the military diet, military diet plan, etc.

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